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Since its proposed closing in 2007 because of an asbestos problem, Councilman Bill Peduto has been working with the community to preserve historic Schenley High School. Built in 1916, Schenley High School was not just the first high school in the United States to cost more than one million dollars to build, it was a visionary building — “a ‘Green Building’ ahead of its time.” Schenley was built to have fresh air and daylight in every classroom, as well as in corridors, stairs, lunchrooms, gyms and even the theater. The building has solid acoustic separations. Additionally, it was constructed out of limestone — a timeless material. And, having served the educational needs of nearly 100 years worth of students — it is, of course, a treasured place in the community.

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In 2007, Bill Peduto initiated a community process to find a way to save historic Schenley High School. In 2008, Peduto and the Community Task Force presented a public plan to then-Superintendent Roosevelt for how to do it. In the end, the School Board decided to sell Schenley anyway, but inserted language in the sale plans that a community process must be held before any sale went through. In later years that hard-fought provision was removed and the Board was poised to take action without any community input. Through meetings with Superintendent Lane and the School Board this year, Councilman Peduto was able to re-start a community process. Now your imput is needed!

Community meetings will be held for the adaptive reuse of the Schenley High School building at UCP/CLASS (4638 Centre Avenue) on Wednesday, July 11th and Wednesday, July 25th. All are welcome to attend. If you can’t make it to a meeting, you can submit your comments on the Oakland Planning and Development Corporation’s website here.

It is critical that Pittsburghers have their voices heard and that this historic community anchor is developed accordingly.

“A Community Vision for Schenley High School” Public¬†Meetings
Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 7:00 PM & Wednesday, July 25, 2012, 7:00 PM
WHERE: UCP/CLASS, 4638 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15213 (map)

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