Screenshot from The Shyne Awards Promo 2012 video

It’s that time of year again — time to nominate a youth for The Shyne Awards! These awards celebrate the positive achievements of young adults between the ages of 13-19. The Shyne Awards are open to young people in Southwestern PA including Allegheny, Westmoreland, Washington, Greene, Fayette, and Butler counties. Awards are given in the categories of The Arts, Academics, Entrepreneurship, Community Service, Service in Ministry, Science and Overcoming Obstacles. The deadline for nomination is May 1, 2012. You can visit for more information and an official nomination form or call 1-855-55-SHYNE (1-855-557-4963).

The event was created by The Darkins Group to show a more balanced picture of young adults in the media:

“There’s not a balanced representation of young people in the media and statistical reports. So much attention is focused on the negative activity young adults are engaged or impacted by and not enough attention is paid to those individuals who are doing positive things in their communities,” stated Orlana Darkins, President, The Darkins Group, LLC.

If there were more attention given to young adults being positive, I believe we would see a decrease in crimes and unproductive activity. Also, I believe if you promote negativity, you will produce negativity. The SHYNE Awards is a vehicle that will not only promote positive young adults, but motivate young people to want to do well, improve their lives and be a positive example for others.”

Screenshot of Red Carpet Hostess, Miyoshi Anderson, interviewing 2011 participant from The Shyne Awards Promo 2012 video

The awards ceremony will be held this summer (date to be announced later). These ceremonies are gala affairs as can be seen in the following video from the 2011 award show which was held at the August Wilson Center in Pittsburgh:

The Shyne Awards – It’s Not Just An Event. It’s A Movement!