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Did you know that the average household spends 20% of its income on transportation? Would you like to participate in the the planning process that will guide transportation decisions and spending in Pittsburgh for the next 25 years? If so, we have a meeting for you.

MOVEPGH is a part of PLANPGH, the City of Pittsburgh’s first-ever comprehensive plan. The goal of MOVEPGH is to “[p]rovide a transportation network that is safe and efficient while meeting the City’s transportation needs.” The City expects the transportation needs of this area to grow because it anticipates a rise in population over the next few decades due, in part, to all of the favorable publicity the City is rightfully receiving. However, with all our great assets, the City has a fixed, established street network — as do most older cities. The plan must accommodate not only the needs of cars and public transit, but walkers and bikers — providing the the kind of wide range of transportation options that attract urban dwellers.

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The planning process for MOVEPGH is being led by the Pittsburgh Department of City Planning. Nine top transportation planning and engineering firms from around the country are participating as consultants. But, they also want and need your input. On Thursday, MOVEPGH will conduct a public kick-off meeting for the transportation plan. Attend and add your voice to the process.

MOVEPGH Public Kickoff Meeting
Thursday February 2, 2012, from 6 to 8 PM.
WHERE: Building #3B (Porter Hall) off Frew Street on the Carnegie Mellon University Campus (Oakland). (map)

For additional information, please see the meeting flyer here. If you have special needs for attending this meeting, contact Patrick Roberts at 412-255-2224.