The David L. Lawrence Convention Center, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from glindsay65’s photostream

The Green Building Alliance (GBA) is one of the first U.S. Green Building Council affiliate organizations in the country and a national pioneer in promoting green building. Created in 1993, this nonprofit strives to drive market demand for both green buildings and green building products, helping Western PA achieve national prominence in LEED-certified buildings. GBA programs include giving project assistance for green buildings including resources for funding, LEED rating systems and green building practices; providing educational opportunities for industry professionals; driving the development of a large-scale database for analyzing sustainable and high performance buildings; promoting the greening of schools, and more. Since 1998, over 6,000 people have attended GBA workshops and training events.

Now, GBA is seeking assistance to help shape the future of green buildings in Western PA. In collaboration with USGBC chapters and affiliates nationwide, GBA is conducting a survey of the community to determine regional priority issues for this area. The survey takes only five minutes and the input will be considered in GBA’s recommendations for LEED 2012 regional priority credits. What issues do you think are most important to this region? Brownfields? Stormwater runoff? Urban sprawl? You can make your voice heard here.