Harrisburg Fireworks 2, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Pvasimages’ photostream

A Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial called for it in December 2009. PA State Rep. Scott Conklin’s House Bill 763 calls for it and has 16 co-sponsors. Governor Tom Corbett was for it — at least while he was campaigning. The “it'” is a Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention. As the Post-Gazette noted:

Pennsylvania has the most restrictive constitutional amendment process in the United States, according to the state Constitutional Convention Commission, which is made up of Democracy Rising, Common Cause, the Commonwealth Foundation and the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania. These organizations don’t always agree on remedies, but they spoke with one voice when they requisitioned a study on constitutional conventions because they agree that Pennsylvania needs a lesson in integrity and effectiveness.

The nonpartisan, nonprofit Civic Research Alliance, which did the study, made no recommendation for action, but spelled out what is essential if a convention is to succeed. “Public support for a convention is strongly correlated with general discontent among the electorate, not only with government but with a range of institutions.”

We’ve got that covered.

Of the four civic groups only Democracy Rising is calling for a constitutional convention now.

Democracy Rising PA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization “working for integrity, value, transparency, and citizen confidence in government.” As they¬†state on their website:

It’s been more than 130 years since the last time Pennsylvania’s entire Constitution was proposed for revision. Since then, we have invented the airplane and flown to the moon. We have fought two World Wars and many smaller wars. We have learned to communicate over vast distances. We have extended each citizen’s average life expectancy by decades.

So it’s not surprising that many people think its time to revise our Constitution.

Democracy Rising PA is giving you, the citizen, a means to add your voice to the rising chorus for real reform. You can sign their petition to our state legislators to place a referendum on the ballot for the general election in November, asking citizens whether they want to hold a Constitution convention.

It’s time to call for a higher standard of public integrity and effectiveness — and, you can help make that happen by signing the petition here.