Complete absorption, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from glindsay65’s photostream

Pittsburgh is Kidsburgh because a group of Pittsburghers are dedicated to making Pittsburgh “the best place for kids on the planet.” As Executive Director of The Grable Foundation, Gregg Behr, puts it, “In one word, “Kidsburgh” conveys an idea and sensibility that Pittsburgh is committed to improving the lives of children.’ Kidsburgh is a portal for all the best that Pittsburgh has to offer to the children in this region. You can go to their website to find “Cool Things to Do with Kids in Pittsburgh,” or news stories of particular interest to parents, or even a slide show of striking images of the next generation of Pittsburghers. You can also sign up there to receive their Kidsburgh is Pittsburgh quarterly newsletter and visit the Kidsburgh page at Pop City.

Kidsburgh was recently featured on an episode of WQED’s onQ. The program took a look at the Kids & Creativity movement. Just as Pittsburgh’s own Fred Rogers used the latest in technology 50 years ago (television), today’s tech leaders are finding new ways to engage kids using the very latest in digital technology. This is not technology for technology’s sake. Rather, it’s a recognition that many of today’s kids are already swimming in a digital sea and that we need to both find a way to keep up with those who are and to ensure that all are well prepared for the jobs of the future. This is technology as a means to an end — to put together the right brain and the left brain and the artist and the technologist.

Please share Kidsburgh with anyone you know who cares about the well-being of kids in our region.