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UPDATE: See who won at the end of this post!

Dear Citizens of Steeler Nation,

PennFutureneeds you to be Black and Gold and “green” all over. PennFuture is competing against Clean Wisconsin in Enviro Bowl 2011. The challenge is to see which environmental group can raise the most donations by Noon CST on Super Bowl Sunday. The stakes are high: “The losing organization must change its Facebook page to reflect support of the winning organization’s home team during the Super Bowl, and that organization’s leader must video tape a message to the other’s supporters, while dressed in the other’s team swag.”

PennFuture’s president and CEO Jan Jarrett has put out a desperate plea:

“I cannot bear the thought of losing,” said Jarrett. “If we lose, as coach of PennFuture, I have to give up my Black and Gold, take off my Troy wig, put down my Terrible Towel and change PennFuture’s Facebook profile to – are you ready? – yucky Green, Gold & White Packers stuff FOR THE ENTIRE SUPER BOWL. Even worse, I’ll have to send a thank you video to the Clean Wisconsin supporters, dressed in Green Bay stuff. “Don’t make me do this,” Jarrett pleaded with supporters. “I want – I need – I must be wearing Black and Gold for the Super Bowl. And that means our Facebook page, too.

Can we let this happen? Can we allow PennFuture’s Facebook page to be desecrated?


Don’t wait until the 4th down. Grab your Terrible Towel in one hand and click on over to PennFuture’s website with the other and make a donation today.

Pittsburgh must win both bowl games on Sunday!

Go PennFuture and Go Steelers!


Yesterday, Pittsburgh City Council unanimously declared the week of January 31 – February 6, 2011 PennFuture Week in the City of Pittsburgh. During that session, Councilman Bill Peduto introduced us to this assist from New Orleans native Armand St. Martin and his wife Patty Lee who send their love to the Burgh:

UPDATE: The Super Bowl may have not been so super for Pittsburgh, but PennFuture absolutely shredded Clean Wisconsin in Enviro Bowl 2011! While Clean Wisconsin raised a very respectable $4,530, PennFuture raised the spectacular sum of $7,226.

Congratulations to PennFuture and to all those who helped!

As promised, Clean Wisconsin executive director Troy Paloredsten made a video in Steelers’ gear congratulating PennFuture:

Considering that both groups raised thousands for the environment, there were no real losers (but we did enjoy the wig).