Neighborhood Trolley, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Matt Bargar’s photostream

As Pittsburgh continues to receive increased attention from those publications that measure and list, the inevitable conversation locally turns to how we could do a better job in redefining our image. For most of the country, we are still mired in an image of our industrial past. The best way to strip away that perception is by being a leader in green initiatives and discovering ways to assist our growing new economy.

But, others see it more like an advertising campaign — a way to “brand” Pittsburgh through imagery. Well, we should know better — substance is always stronger than image. But, if we are to go down the gilded road of marketing and positioning then we should at least learn from the words of a true ‘Burgher — none other than Mr. Rogers. I found this article very informative and hope it can serve as a guide for Pittsburgh and those who try to capture the uniqueness that so many others are discovering.