The magazine The Atlantic is currently running a special series on the Future of the City.  This report looks at ongoing policies and projects in cities around the country and examines how they are working to build better cities.  These interesting articles provide a great source of information for those who want to learn more about how we can improve our cities in the future.One article, “Here Comes the Neighborhood,” focuses on the current trend towards a desire for urban, walkable living, versus a suburban lifestyle, and how improved public transportation can play an integral role in encouraging this shift.  Multi-modal transportation models can draw people back into the city, and can transform the economic conditions of the area.  Transit lines create huge economic opportunities along their routes and raise property values.  The article states that as people begin to look away from suburbs and instead to the cities as the neighborhoods of the future, transportation investments will become more important than ever, and will also help to heal our economy.  The author writes that  “…investment in rail, bike, and walking infrastructure, laying the groundwork for developing the kind of housing that is now in demand, is essential if we want to restore the economy to health.”  Check out the article to learn more.