I met Joe Hoeffel six years ago when he was running for U.S. Senate.  Like many other people, I had heard that he was someone who balanced sound fiscally responsible positions with a true socially progressive record.  I was not diappointed.  In the convesations I had with him in 2004, he was genuine and sincere in his policies.  He wasn’t someone who voted on legislation or took positions on issues to benefit his political career, he took action – even at his own personal loss – for the betterment of the people he served and because he believed in it.


Since that time, we have stayed in touch and have worked together to help to build a new consensus in Pennsylvania Democratic politics.  We believe in a Democratic Party that supports Opportunity, Responsibility and Reform.  As a State Representative and as a U.S. Congressman, Joe Hoeffel championed Campaign Finance Reform – an issue that is the cornerstone of all other reform.  As a County Commissioner, he is currently supporting a package of campaign finance and ethics reforms.  It’s no wonder why Joe Hoeffel was the recipient of the Common Cause / PA Good Government Award.  From two sides of the state, we have worked to bring needed government reform to the state, now we all need to stand with someone who wil bring it to every corner of Pennsylvania.


We have the opportunity to elect a true Progressive as Governor.  Someone who doesn’t just talk about reform, someone who has done it.  Someone who has always taken a fiscally responsible position on budgets and has demonstrated that sustainble economic development policy is beneficial to real prosperity.  In the race for Governor, it isn’t about where you live – it’s about where you stand.  I am proud to stand next to Joe Hoeffel in this race and I would ask you to learn more about him in the months to come.  I am certain that you will agree – Pennsylvania needs Joe Hoeffel.


To read more about Joe, you can visit his website at  You can also reach the Western PA office by emailing