Last Saturday, Councilman Bill Peduto served as a judge for The Waffle Shop’s Visionary Ideas for this World or Another Event.

The event asked for submissions of visionary ideas for the future, and asked participants for extravagant proposals such as “visionary schemes for things like: how to survive the end of the planet, a way for animals to run governments, a cloning system that reinvents history, or an entire alternate universe of your own design.”

Ten participants were selected from the submissions to pitch their idea in a short presentation to the judges and the audience.  Participants could be local, national or even international, and could pitch their ideas to the judges in person, or using a “body double” that connected with the participants via Skype and spoke on their behalf.

The winning submission came from Vanessa German, with her presentation on “The Power of Imagination.”  Follow the links to read more about the event in The Tartan, and learn more about The Waffle Shop.