convention-centerAn Associated Press story published this weekend, Pittsburgh Reinvents Itself through Green Economy, discusses the growing presence of green technology in Pittsburgh, and the resulting transformation of Pittsburgh’s previous image as a smoky, post-industrial city.

The article highlights the fact that over 2,600 green companies have made Pittsburgh their home, and according to the Pittsburgh Technology Council, of the 183,000 technology jobs located in Pittsburgh in 2005, one-third of them were in green technology.The article also notes that “green jobs may also help reverse Pittsburgh’s massive population decline,” as green technology companies continue to grow and create new jobs.

Councilman Bill Peduto believes that this is Pittsburgh’s opportunity to become a leader in the rapidly expanding world of green technology.”Pittsburgh could become a model not just for the Rust Belt, but for post-industrial cities throughout the world,” He said.

The article references Councilman Peduto’s green legislative efforts, including a bill recently approved by City Council that will require LEED certification standards to be met in projects that use city TIF financing.Councilman Peduto has continuously fought to further a green agenda in City Council.He introduced a plan to bring LED lighting to the city, saving both large amounts of energy and taxpayer dollars, and has also fought for environmental issues like hillside cleanup and preservation.Councilman Peduto was one of the driving forces behind the creation and implementation of the Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan, among many other green legislative achievements in his 8 years as a City Councilman.

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