post3At the City Council Public Hearing yesterday afternoon, Councilman Bill Peduto once again spoke out for a revised economic development policy for the City of Pittsburgh.

“It is essential that subsidies that this government gives out for development do not simply go into the pockets of out-of-town developers, but benefit the entire community,” said Councilman Peduto.

With over $1 billion dollars of development in his district throughout the past 8 years, Councilman Peduto has worked to ensure that all of these developments have created good paying jobs, generated new tax revenue for the City, and catalyzed other neighborhood development.  

Now he is calling for the same triple bottom line development to be enforced throughout the City of Pittsburgh, which would ensure that any new development would:

  • maximized economic impact
  • minimized environmental impact and improvement of the surrounding neighborhood
  • provided the opportunity for good jobs for all residents

“Each and every development proposal in the City of Pittsburgh should meet the triple bottom line or else you must question whether or not this is true economic development that benefits the City or simply real estate development that benefits a select few.”