post1Tomorrow, City Council will vote to give final approval to legislation that would ultimately lead to the construction of more green buildings within the City of Pittsburgh.

The legislation, authored by Councilman Bill Peduto, would require that any developers who use city TIF (tax-increment financing) subsidies achieve at least a LEED silver rating for that building project.  If the subsidy is used by the developer, and LEED silver rating not sought for the building, that developer will be fined in the amount of 1% of the construction costs.  Any buildings constructed by the city would also be required to achieve this environmental standard, if they are larger than 5,000 square feet or cost more than $2 million dollars.

Prior to authoring this legislation, Councilman Peduto wrote the city’s first green building ordinance, and was the co-founder and co-chair of the city’s climate action plan.  He also authored the Hillside Preservation Act.  When it comes to creating innovative green policies, and fighting to protect our environment, no one can match Councilman Peduto’s record in city government.

View the legislation here.