tuedayYesterday, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette published another article focused on the process behind the passage of the new Act 47 financial recovery plan for the City.  Rich Lord’s story looks at the amendments added onto the plan by council members, and the negotiations that took place to ultimately allow the plan to achieve the 6 necessary votes.

“Last week, Pittsburgh officials passed a law that obliges the city to try to hire more minority and female police and firefighters, improve the energy efficiency of its fleet and buildings, revamp its pay structure, reuse a former police station, merge a half dozen functions with the county and much more.

Those were among the planks shoehorned by a suddenly muscular City Council into the new Act 47 recovery plan — ostensibly a 300-page blueprint to restore the city’s fiscal health by capping pay hikes and replenishing the pension fund, but now also a wide-ranging agenda, with deadlines, in ordinance form and with the state’s imprimatur.”

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