news-pittsburghpostgazetteYesterday, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette voiced their support for the new financial plan for the City, passed by City Council last week in a 6-3 vote.  

The editorial praises Councilman Bill Peduto’s work to gain support for the plan, saying that it was he “who kept everyone talking, always focused on the goal of writing not the best theoretical plan but the best practical plan, one that could get at least five votes necessary for adoption.”  

The article also emphasizes that the state legislature must now take action, and provide the Mayor and Council with the tools to fully enact and carry out this new plan for Pittsburgh.

Thank you to the hundreds of People for Peduto who emailed, called and wrote to City Council and the Mayor lobbying to do what was best for Pittsburgh.  In the end, it did get the five votes needed and the city of Pittsburgh has a new AND BETTER Recovery Plan as a result.

Recovery on Track: City Council Comes Through on Act 47 Plan