graphicLast Wednesday, City Council took an important step forward to create a responsible and forward-thinking five-year financial plan. The original plan that was introduced by the Administration contained several clauses that greatly concerned City Council and lacked new initiatives to create a more efficient 21st century government.

Through the leadership of Council Finance Chair Bill Peduto, Council Members Bruce Kraus and Theresa Kail-Smith, and Controller Michael Lamb, City Council offered several important amendments to the Plan.  The amendments fall under four general categories – City-County Consolidation of Services, Budget and Taxation Reform, Government
Efficiency, and Public Safety.  Some of the key features of the amendments are:

City-County Consolidation of Services

  • Invsetigate consolidation services in Fleet Maintenance, IT, Payroll, Purchasing, and Tax Collection
  • Create a Regional Parks Commission that oversees all RAD parks in the County

Budget and Taxation Reform

  • Committing all slots parlor revenue windfalls to paying down debt
  • Instituting new guidelines to ensure there is truth in budgeting
  • Institute a .55% Payroll Tax on non-profits
  • Go after waste, fraud, and abuse to collect taxes that are not being fairly paid

Government Efficiency

  • Create a Facilities Master Plan for all City owned buildings
  • Create a Recreational Master Plan for City pools, recreation centers, senior centers, and ball fields 
  • Create a Fleet Master Plan
  • Create a comprehensive Risk Management Plan
  • Institute re-routing software to improve efficiency in street paving, snow plowing, and street cleaning

Public Safety

  • Provide City employees with a five-year plan for increased salaries
  • Investigate the feasability of keeping a North Side EMS station open 24 hours
  • Keep open the Greenfield fire station
  • Institute new initiatives to help with police retention and recruitment