lutherThe reformation comes to the City of Pittsburgh this week, as City Council prepares to vote this Wednesday on Councilman Bill Peduto’s reform package.

This package will end “pay-to-play” politics in our city through several different reforms to our current system.  If passed on Wednesday, this package will:

  • Cap contributions by individuals at $2,000 for Mayoral and City Controller Races, and $1,000 for City Council races
  • Mandate the creation of an online, searchable database of all campaign contributions and city contracts
  • Ban all no-bid contracts over $30,000
  • Create the Lobbyist Disclosure Act, which would require all lobbyists to register annually with the city
  • Create the Lobbyist Registration Act, which would require all contract bidders to disclose any payments to lobbyists and consultants
  • Strengthen the city’s ethics code to greatly limit gifts to government officials

Now we need you to speak out for true reform for your city!  Click here to tell your  City Council representative that you support clean government reforms!

Now is your chance to speak up to clean up City Hall!