On Sunday night, Councilman Bill Peduto was a guest at the Turkish Cultural Center of Pittsburgh, formerly known as the Pittsburgh Dialogue Foundation.This organization supports peace through interfaith dialogue between followers of the Christian, Islamic, and Jewish faiths.

mail-5The group was joined by leaders from all religious communities, and the keynote speaker, Dr. Jon Pahl of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, gave a great presentation.

District 8 is home to numerous synagogues and temples, Roman Catholic and Byzantine cathedrals, the Islamic Center, and all denominations of Christianity, including the Korean Christian church.

mail-1Over 2 terms in office, Bill has actively engaged with all faiths to strengthen the East End community, and to make Pittsburgh a welcoming city for all.

At the dinner, Bill was asked to speak about his travels to Turkey, during which he participated in a peace mission to promote interfaith dialogue.A video of that speech will be posted in the near future.