Bill PedutoWelcome to our new website.  This will be our portal to the 2009 Re-election campaign and local politics.  It is our goal to provide you with information and input.  Let us know how you think we are doing.  For the next few months, this site will be updated daily, so stop back often.

Besides my videos and blog entries, our campaign staff – Kayla and Scott – will also be posting about the campaign, events and local happenings.  We intend to run a high energy campaign – one that will do more than just strengthen our base.  We intend to run a campaign that will expand it and include more people than ever in our continuing campaign to build a better Pittsburgh.


Scott and Kayla

Scott and Kayla

We will continue our leadership on government reform, fiscal discipline and progressive ideals.  During this next year will will focus more attention to creating “clean government”, “lean government” and “green government” in Pittsburgh.  And, we will institute new technology to engage you in the process – from live, interactive webcasts to cutting-edge mobile messaging – you will have a seat at the cyber-table.

This campaign is for more than my re-election to City Council, it is for all of those who believe in the potential of Pittsburgh and want to do something to realize it.  I hope you stop back everyday and get others to join you.